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Institutional Partner Discounts & Bonuses

AWIS offers a 10% Institutional Partner Discount on Job Bank posts as well as various Packaging Bonuses and a 25% Academic Institution Discount on print ads placed in AWIS Magazine. It is the responsibility of the institute to request and verify the discount/bonus as instructed below before submitting payment.

Job Bank Discounts:

AWIS offers 10% Institutional Partner Discount.

To ensure that the poster receives the discount, they are instructed to follow these steps:

  1. Access the AWIS Job Board page at
  2. Click the "Submit Job for Listing” link
  3. Fill out the required information on the Add Job Listing page (contact name, phone, and email, post until date, category, job title, and job description)
  4. Make sure that the contact information given is the information that would be used to contact the source of the payment for the posting.
  5. After this information is entered, click "Add Job Listing” and exit the page without entering additional payment information.
  6. AWIS will receive notification of the post and make contact using the provided information, make any necessary changes to the posting and making sure that the payment received includes the agreed upon Institutional Partner discount of 10%.
  7. If contact by AWIS is not made within 24 hours of the attempted post, or you have any questions, please contact


Packaging Bonuses:

AWIS offers Packaging Bonuses that add value to your purchase when you pay for multiple job postings or online ads in advance.

Purchase Bonus Savings
12 ads (or one ad for 12 months) 2 bonus month long banner ads on AWIS home page Save $600!
9 ads (or one ad for 9 months) 1 bonus placement in an edition of The Washington Wire & 1 bonus month long banner ad on our home page Save $475!
6 ads (or one ad for 6 months) 1 bonus month long banner ad on AWIS home page Save $300!
3 ads (or one ad for 3 months) 1 bonus placement in an edition of The Washington Wire Save $175!



Packaging Bonuses Information/Instructions:

  1. Before making any posts, contact to ensure that bonuses are applied.
  2. Additional discounts (Institutional, Agency) not applicable.
  3. Purchase of ads must occur at once (though use of purchased space may be distributed throughout the year at poster’s discretion) in order to qualify for bonus placement
  4. All ads purchased in packaging must be placed within athe following 12 month period

Magazine Discount:

To place an ad in our magazine, contact and take advantage of the 25% discount offered to academic institutions.


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