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Profiles of AWIS Members in Statistics


Lee-Ann Hayek, PhD
Chief Mathematical Statistician,
Smithsonian Institution

AWIS Spokesperson for the International Year of Statistics

"One of the best aspects of a career in statistics is that it can involve as many or as few application areas as a woman may want.  If multiple areas of study intrigue her in school, she can major in statistics, apply those skills and that knowledge and find a position in almost any area…”


Mary W. Gray, PhD
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
American University

"Although the climate for women is much better than when I started my career, the fact is that women in general have to be better at what they do than do their male colleagues if they expect to receive recognition and rewards…” 


Marcella Devoto, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology,
University of Pennsylvania

"As in every field of research, do not be afraid of taking what may seem an unusual path. I did it, or at least so it seems to many people when, as I statistician, I decided to work in genetics. Eventually this turned out to be a smart choice, and now statistical genetics is a well-established and recognized scientific field…”


Margarita Lopatin
Lead Program Biostatistician,
Genomic Health

"As statisticians, we are the ‘lubricant’ which helps generation and dissemination of knowledge between different areas of science and society and I think this will only increase with time…”


Elizabeth Schifano, PhD
Assistant Professor of Statistics,
University of Connecticut

"There was never a doubt in my mind that women were as talented in the sciences as men, and I was encouraged by my teachers and parents to pursue these subjects where I had shown interest and aptitude…”


Yogasudha Veturi
PhD Candidate,
University of Alabama-Birmingham

"One of the most underemphasized skills is the ability to communicate statistical jargon to non-statisticians, whom each of you will have to deal with on a regular basis as soon as you set foot in the "real” world..."



Haema Nilakanta
Research Assistant,
The George Washington University’s Biostatistics Center

"With access to AWIS’s extensive network, I was able to meet a director of a research center who connected me with my current boss and PI, helping me earn my first full time research position…”




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