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AWARDS Webcasts
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AWARDS Webcasts

We have developed a series of webcasts that is designed to educate disciplinary society members (specifically awards selection committees) about the importance of awards and the effects of implicit bias on the process of selecting scholarly award winners.

Introduction: AWARDS and Their Impact on Scientists in Academic Careers

What is the value of awards for academic scientists? Women receive fewer awards than men in disciplinary societies, and fewer scholarly awards than would be expected when compared to the PhD pool, when compared to the proportion of female full professors, and when compared to the female award winners for service.

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Implicit Associations

The concept of implicit bias, which was developed over 50 years ago and is supported by decades of evidence, posits that regardless of the conscious ideas we espouse, we subconsciously hold notions about people that reflect the culture in which we were raised. As social beings, all of us unconsciously categorize people into groups based upon stereotypes, as shortcuts to effective social interaction. Numerous studies have shown how implicit gender bias affects career progression. Most people are reluctant to accept that they are biased, and scientists in particular pride themselves on their impartiality. Yet scientists are humans raised in societies, and thus are subject to collective messages that suggest men are suited to science because they are independent and analytical whereas women are better suited to care-giving and cooperative enterprises. Research shows that when exposed to the concept of implicit bias, both men and women become “inoculated” and the effects of implicit bias are mitigated by their awareness of the issue.

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Evaluating Nominees: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Properly assembling the nomination packet is a critical step for both the nominee and the evaluators. Topics covered include the importance of considering linguistics in letters of recommendation.

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Selecting Awardees: Dynamics of the Process

Selecting a well balanced committee is critical to the evaluation process but it is only the first step. Clarifying conflicts of interest, managing the social and psychological dynamics of a committee, and implementing objective evaluation metrics are just some of the challenges. Recommendations for these and more are proposed in this webinar.

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Improving Nominations: Diversifying the Nominee Pool

Getting a diverse pool of nominees can be a challenge on its own. This segment discussed the challenges to being in the minority as well as suggestions for improving and diversifying the nominee pool.

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