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Chapter Resource Center - Student Membership Info
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Student Member Information

Chapter Resource Center

Students may join a local chapter directly, without paying AWIS National dues.

For students interested in joining through their local chapter and paying only chapter dues, member registration and payment of chapter dues should go directly to the local chapter leadership. 
Students (Junior members) who also wish to join AWIS National and pay Chapter dues, may do so together through the AWIS website.

All non-student (Professional, Sustaining, Patron, Benefactor-level) memberships will be handled as usual through the registration process at
As part of the registration updates for students, your chapter will need to consider the following:
Each chapter should consult its bylaws when considering the answers to each of these questions. Below are also some recommendations from the AWIS Chapters Committee.

Chapter leaders with additional questions can contact their Regional Representative or the national office at

Will your chapter create a special student/Junior member type?

Each chapter can decide whether it would like to create a member type for students to join AWIS through the chapter and pay dues set by the chapter. These students would be considered members of AWIS through the chapter, but would not receive tangible benefits associated with paying dues to the national organization such as

AWIS Magazine and the Washington Wire e-newsletter. The chapter would be required to report the number of student members to the national organization on an annual basis.

If the chapter chooses not to create a student member type, then membership at the chapter will look similar to how it has historically operated with students joining AWIS through the national organization and paying both national and chapter dues to the national organization.

How will students sign up to join your chapter?

Options for membership registration include in-person at chapter events, by phone, email or website.

How much will your Chapter charge for dues?

The AWIS Chapters Committee strongly encourages all chapters to charge because membership dues represent the financial investment of the individual in belonging to the group. The amount of dues students pay represents the dollar value they place on their affiliation with your chapter.

It may be the case that the student chapter dues you set are higher than your chapter dues for professionals. This can be explained by the fact that student memberships require more administrative work for the chapter and that the chapter serves as a conduit of information and resources from the national organization to the student.

How will students pay dues?

It is best to pair signing up with paying dues so that you aren’t duplicating volunteer efforts and there is less confusion about who is a paid member. You can do this in-person by collecting information and payment at live events or on the web using an online payment processor such as PayPal.

A guide to online payment processing has been made available to assist you in researching this possibility.

To assist you with information collecting, you can download a Student Tracking Spreadsheet.

How will your chapter track when students are due to renew?

AWIS currently uses anniversary date membership meaning that your membership is valid for one year from your join/renew date.

To simplify the renewal process, your chapter may decide to offer students a calendar membership based on the academic school year (for example: September 1 – August 31). Be advised though that this typically discourages new members from joining in the latter part of the term.

To help you track when students are due to renew, you can download a Student Tracking Spreadsheet.

How will your chapter track the number of student members to report to AWIS National?

The chapter will be required to report the number of student members and the amount of dues collected on the AWIS Financial Report that is due annually by September 30.

To help you track this information year-round, you can download a Student Tracking Spreadsheet.

How will you help students tap into all AWIS has to offer?

Each chapter that establishes a student member type is encouraged to connect those students with the national organization by pointing students to the following resources:

See the "How to Manage Student Membership” section of the Affiliate Group and Chapter Resource Center for an email template to students.
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