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Chapter Resource Center - Student Member FAQs
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Student Membership FAQs

Chapter Resource Center

Must all students join at the $65 Junior level?

No. Effective July 1, 2013, students will be able to join through a chapter or AWIS Affiliate Group (AAG) without the requirement of paying dues to the national organization.

What is the definition of a "student”? Does AWIS consider postdocs to be students?

Each chapter should decide how they will define "student.” AWIS has traditionally defined students as individuals actively enrolled in a degree program and thus have not yet obtained their terminal degree.

AWIS uses the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) definition of postdoc.

What is the difference between the Junior level membership and a student membership through the chapter?

Student membership at the Junior level includes these additional benefits:
  • AWIS Magazine published 4 times a year (electronic format) 
  • Bi-monthly editions of The Washington Wire e-newsletter
  • Access to AWIS STEMiNARs©, including archived recordings
  • A personal listing and access to AWIS nationwide membership directory
  • AWIS LinkedIn Members Only group
  • A printable membership certificate in wallet or letter size

Do students that serve on the executive board of our chapter have to pay national dues?

Yes. Students that serve as voting members on the executive board of your chapter need to join at the Junior level and pay the $65 national dues plus chapter dues. Chapter leaders are an important part of the organization and their commitment should reflect support for both the chapter and national organization.

Will students continue to join online through the AWIS website?

Only student members that pay dues to the national organization at the Junior level or higher need to register online.

Students that elect to pay dues to just the chapter, should contact their local chapter for instructions on how to join.

Are students that pay dues only to the chapter considered to be "AWIS members”?

Absolutely! Together the chapters and the national organization make one AWIS—America’s largest, most-influential cross-disciplinary organization representing women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

How can student members at my chapter connect to the national organization?

We encourage student members at the chapter to connect with the national organization in the following ways:

How will student members sign up for our chapter? How will they pay dues?

For students interested in joining through their local chapter and paying only chapter dues, member registration and payment of chapter dues will be handled by the local chapter leadership. Resources are available in the "How to Manage Student Membership” section of the AWIS Chapters & Affiliate Group Resource Center.

What type of reporting of student members will be required of the chapter by the national organization?

The chapter will be required to report the number of student members and the amount of dues collected on the AWIS Financial Report that is due annually by September 30 for the reporting period of the AWIS fiscal year July 1- June 31.

Will student members show up on the membership reports I pull from the AWIS website?

Students that join at the Junior level or higher through the AWIS website and select your chapter will show up on the chapter membership reports you pull from the AWIS database. 

Students that join through their local chapter by paying only chapter dues will not show up on the reports you pull from the AWIS database. To assist you with managing these memberships, you can download a student tracking spreadsheet from the 
AWIS Chapters & Affiliate Group Resource Center. The spreadsheet was designed to make it easy to merge it with the reports you obtain from the AWIS database to maintain a complete chapter membership list.

Do student members count toward the required minimum number of members to become, and continue to remain, a chapter of AWIS?

No. Only students that join at the Junior level or higher and pay national and chapter dues will count toward the required minimum number of members.

How will existing student members know that they can renew through the chapter?

Student members that currently pay dues to the national organization will be sent a renewal notice from AWIS National via email that presents their options for membership:
  • renew at the $65 Junior level (or any other level) plus any chapter dues; or
  • renew through the chapter and pay only chapter dues.

What happens when students graduate?

As students obtain their terminal degree and embark on their professional careers, upon membership renewal they are encouraged to transition to appropriate membership levels provided by the national organization at
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