AWIS Palo Alto Chapter Featured in Book “La Valle del Silicio”

Oct 3, 2019Leadership, Press Release, Projects

The Palo Alto AWIS Chapter is featured in the book La Valle del Silicio, which explores the Italian community’s entrepreneurial contributions to the United States. The book, which is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the auspice of Lorenzo Ortona, the Italian Consul of San Francisco, highlights the professional journey of Italian immigrants that have significantly contributed to the success of the Bay Area. 

Meet the Palo Alto AWIS Chapter 

Ermelinda Porpiglia

Ermelinda is an Academic Scientist at Stanford University, in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. She is interested in understanding how aging impairs tissue regeneration. At Stanford University, she pioneered the application of a novel technology, single-cell mass cytometry (CyTOF), to skeletal muscle, to identify rare stem cell populations that accumulate during aging and understand how they impair muscle regeneration. She identified a drug that has the potential to restore the function of the aged muscle stem cells and improve regeneration in a model of aged muscle. Her long-term research goal is to develop therapeutic strategies to improve muscle regeneration and function in aged individuals. Ermelinda is a passionate advocate for women scientists. She has been volunteering with AWIS Palo Alto since 2013 and she is currently Chapter President (2016- present).

Reem Yunis

Clinical Research Scientist. A mother of two daughters, Reem re-entered the workplace after a two year hiatus from research. She has successfully transitioned beyond the bench to pursue career in clinical and medical affairs in the private sector. Reem is active in organizations promoting women’s rights and social justice. She has volunteered with AWIS Palo Alto since 2010 and she is currently Chapter Vice President.

Emmie Thomas

Emmie Thomas is co-founder and CEO of Knowji Inc., an education technology company that makes a learning and memory system that has helped hundreds of thousands of people develop their vocabulary quickly and efficiently. She has been volunteering with AWIS Palo Alto since 2016 and she is currently Chapter Secretary.

Allison Squires

Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering. Her research employs single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and single-molecule manipulation to study the biophysical properties of molecules, with the long term goal of adapting these approaches to applied challenges in alternative energy technologies and biomedical diagnostics. She has been volunteering with AWIS Palo Alto since 2018 as co-chair of the mentoring program.

Gretchen Lam

Bioengineer by training, Gretchen is currently a Senior Scientist at BD Biosciences in the area of single-cell genomics. As one of the early employees of Cellular Research (now BD), Gretchen worked on the initial development of Resolve (now sold as BD Rhapsody), a system designed to profile gene expression in thousands of single cells using a proprietary barcoding technology. She has been volunteering with the Mentoring Program of AWIS Palo Alto since 2014. She volunteered as co-chair of the Mentoring Program from 2016 to 2018.

Noga Or-Geva, PhD, Scientific Contribution

Working in regenerative medicine Noga has developed protocols for mismatched bone marrow transplantation which are now in clinical trials. She is now working on deciphering the interaction between the immune system and the brain in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Eating Disorders. She is volunteering as regional manager of ScienceAbroad NGO for Israeli scientists, co-chair of AWIS Palo Alto programs committee and part of the Bay area postdoc association. 

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