August 2018


  Life sciences trailblazer Sue Windham-Bannister, PhD, takes over as AWIS Governing Board President. Dr. Windham-Bannister continues breaking down barriers that impede women from achieving their full potential.

‣ AWIS President: “Science and reason should ground sound policy recommendations, and the appointment of Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier as director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy should be no exception.” 

‣ Endorsed by AWIS, a bipartisan group of Senators introduce a bill to recognize the African American female mathematicians that helped the United States win the Space Race. 

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» What to Read

‣  Available now, the summer edition of the award-winning AWIS Magazine features top-tier research and stories by and about members.

‣ In Nature Human Behavior, AWIS Director of Research and Analysis Heather Metcalf writes, “The historical notions of scientific inferiority still underlie contemporary beliefs about scientific talent in women and minority groups.” Being intentionally objective not makes us not only more inclusive but also stronger. 

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» The Bottom Line

Bahija Jallal, President of MedImmune and Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca, and Immediate Past-President of the AWIS Governing Board, on new AWIS President Sue Windham-Bannister, PhD