Member Spotlight

Dr. Margo Lee

Consultant with Jump Start Development
Professional Member since 1995

“AWIS helps women form strong mentoring relationships, which serve to guide us in our professional scientific careers.”

Why did you decide to start an AWIS affiliate group?

I moved to Austin, Texas, from the Washington, D.C., area with my husband and began to look for help in getting some local career advice and meeting other women in science in my new town. I quickly found that there was little organized support for women in STEM in Austin and called AWIS headquarters for help. As a longtime member of AWIS, I learned that there were no AWIS chapters close by and saw the opportunity to start my own AWIS affiliate group here in Austin two years ago!

What do you hope to achieve through this work?

I would like to develop a supportive network with other women in STEM to help them with career development, continuing education programs, and networking in our town. I aim to connect to other women both in Texas and in the United States. In the future, I hope AWIS Austin will help women form strong mentoring relationships with one another and serve as a helpful guide in their professional scientific careers.

Describe the ally that helped you the most in your professional development.

The biggest allies in starting a new AWIS chapter and charting its future course are the women of AWIS themselves. AWIS has always been very helpful and supportive to me and answers my tough questions. I have met many women at other chapters who give me wonderful ideas from what they have tried with their chapters and what has been successful. Amazing women with amazing ideas! I am constantly learning when I talk to other AWIS community members.

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© 2021 Association for Women in Science. All Rights Reserved.