October 2018


‣ AWIS congratulates Nobel Prize winners Dr. Donna Strickland and Dr. Frances Arnold. “,” said Susan Windham-Bannister, PhD.

AWIS endorses the Combating Sexual Harassment in the Sciences Act of 2018.

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» What to See and Read

‣ AWIS lauds , including sexual harassment or sexual assault.

‣   is the AWIS panel discussing the structural issues of gender inequity in computing at the Grace Hopper Celebration.

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» The Bottom Line

I’ve found the most interesting things to work on, the ones that generate new insights and lead to the most innovative approaches, are those where the edges of different disciplines meet. When they rub against each other, they reveal opportunities to solve problems.”

Marie Lynn Miranda, PhD, Howard R. Hughes Provost, Rice University, in the cover story of the fall edition of the AWIS magazine.