AWIS Partners With SEED SPOT for Women in STEM 2-day Launch Camp

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AWIS Partners With SEED SPOT for Women in STEM 2-day Launch Camp

PHOENIX, AZ, February 11, 2020: Association for Women in Science (AWIS), the leading advocate for women in STEM, is partnering with SEED SPOT, a leading accelerator and entrepreneur support organization, to run a 2-Day Launch Camp specifically crafted for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The program provides mentorship, AWIS and SEED SPOT’s specialty curriculum, and step-by-step support to women founders starting an impact-driven business in STEM.

The Women in STEM focused 2-Day Launch Camp, presented by AWIS and SEED SPOT, runs Tuesday, February 25, and Wednesday, February 26, at Galvanize in Phoenix’s Warehouse District at 515 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Register here. The program will culminate with Pitch Night on Wednesday, February 26, from 5:30-8:00pm where members of the Phoenix startup community will hear the business ideas cultivated by these exceptional women founders. Get a first look at these ventures and RSVP for Pitch Night here.

“Even though their innovations are groundbreaking, women in STEM face significant hurdles when entering the entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said AWIS CEO Sandy Robert, CAE. “We are working to remove these obstacles to strengthen access to capital, which is central to accelerating the number and success of women-owned businesses. AWIS is excited to work with SEED SPOT to collaborate on a two-day launch camp that serves as a channel for reaching this objective. Supporting the capacity-building of women entrepreneurs as business leaders provides us access to their considerable STEM expertise, as well as helping them succeed in the professional pathway that they are pursuing.”

To promote gender equity and inclusive STEM entrepreneurship ecosystems, AWIS leads the award-winning STEM to Market initiative for budding STEM women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support programs, and commercial financiers. The STEM to Market accelerator supports a diversity of women by providing scientific expertise, specialized knowledge, mentorship, and the community needed to successfully navigate the technology transfer and start-up worlds. Sixty-four percent of participating entrepreneurs since 2016 have been women of color.

“With less than 3% of US Venture Capital in 2019, according to PitchBook, being deployed to woman founded ventures, it is imperative to foster an ecosystem that supports women founders and provides access to resources, mentors, and a network of other founders. We are proud to level the playing field by supporting women in tech in partnership with AWIS,” said SEED SPOT CEO C’pher Gresham. “With SEED SPOT and AWIS resources we are able to create a stronger access to a national community of women pursuing entrepreneurship.”

Empowering idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs across the country, SEED SPOT programs incorporate proven curriculum that increase venture success rates, provide founders with the building blocks needed to grow sustainably, and create a community of doers, makers, and dreamers nationally. SEED SPOT has been named a World Top 5 Private Business Accelerator by UBI Global for their work as an entrepreneur resource hub and social impact incubator.

AWIS and SEED SPOT partnered on a 2-Day Launch Camp in 2018 that served 28 entrepreneurs in Washington, DC. Notable alumnae of the program include Carol Hirschmugl, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Safe-Li, LLC, an energy technology company developing lithium-ion batteries that can be used for more stored energy, faster charging times and safer batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles, power tools, and consumer electronics.



About AWIS: Founded in 1971, AWIS has been the leading advocate for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to achieve business growth, social change, and innovation. We are dedicated to driving excellence in STEM by achieving equity and full participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors. In addition to scholarships, AWIS provides career resources, professional development, as well as networking, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities to build leadership skills. To learn more, visit and @AWISNational.


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