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AWIS provides a unique national platform where essential research meets advocacy, innovation and practice in supporting the advancement of women in STEM.

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is one of the many scientific disciplinary societies that awards prizes to an elite group of its members for excellence in research, service, and teaching. The winners of these awards are considered to be the most accomplished or contributory to the discipline, and they become leaders for peers and potential future investigators in the field. The recipients of scholarly awards (those the society deems to have made the most significant advances in the field) impact both the retention of researchers and the recruitment of future talent. For this reason and many others, it is important that demographics of award winners reflect the diversity of accomplished researchers in a field. The governing board of the AAS recognizes the importance of this issue, and are partnering with the Association for Women in Science on the AWARDS Project to examine awards given by AAS and to develop best practices for enhancing fairness and equity in the selection process for scholarly recognition.

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© 2022 Association for Women in Science. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022 Association for Women in Science. All Rights Reserved.