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AWIS Member Leadership Survey, 2018-2019

Regardless of sector, women, especially women of color, continue to be significantly underrepresented in leadership roles. Preliminary findings from new AWIS research shine a light on the underlying reasons why.

In the winter of 2018, we surveyed 125 AWIS members about their leadership experiences. Most survey respondents serve or have served in AWIS leadership roles, facing many gender- and race-related barriers along the way that still influence aspiring leaders’ journeys to the top.


had their judgment questioned in their area of expertise


had to work harder than others to prove themselves


have been assumed to be more junior than they are


had their accomplishments or ideas credited to someone else

In addition, women of color among our responding members are 14% more likely to face assumptions that they are more junior or have less experience than they do and about 10% more likely to have someone else take credit for their ideas.

Learn more about what you can do to remove these barriers to leadership roles in our forthcoming report.

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